Sometimes Life can feel like a Mountain of tasks weighing heavy on top of us, blocking our view from clear skies. It can be cluttered spaces, unfinished responsibilities, projects undone.

Luckily, a Mountain has paths to the top. And with the right tools and some guidance, they are actually not that hard, fun even, satisfying.

Before we know it, we are rewarded with clear Mountain Views. Being on top of it all, when it all fits right, Life suddenly feels easier, tasks feel lighter and we are freer. That is the gift organizing can deliver, step by step.

The foundation is simple. Profound Intentional Organizing manifests dreams, unlocks goals, and liberates visions.

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Daisha Kissel

Hi, I’m Daisha

What drives my passion for organizing is the feeling when things fit together, feeding my desire for alignment and harmony, meeting complexity with a smile, and finding rewarding traction with reality.

It offers an anchoring grip, very much like walking on a mountain path. Step by step it bewonders me every time how much progress can be made, how much elevation can be gained by bringing respectful focus to what matters most.

And what excites me beyond this passion is to see the impact even the smallest organizing steps have on my and my clients’ Quality of Life.

My career has continuously grown over the last 15 years learning with fabulous clients and the best schools available, achieving quality certifications in the field such as NAPO Professional Organizer, ICC Integral Master Coach, and Feng Shui Consultant.

Some core values I cherish are: Integral Efficiency, RightFit Design, NimbleNomad Mobility, Wholesome Form, EarthFriendly Solutions.

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Our Vision

Is to be a part of Life by tangibly supporting our Clients through organizing Home and Life Ecosystems to create a Safe Haven Harbor to recharge, regroup, and strategize to share themselves fully with the world.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:

Professional Organizer

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Certified Life Coach

Feng Shui Consultant


Integral Coach™

National Association of Productivity and Organizing